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mymatchfinder.in – Be your own wedding planner


After years of studies & hard work, its finally time to decide on the big day. However, there's a  problem. You haven’t found one yet & have no one to share your life with. You have a satisfying paying job, a nice car but no one to share your joys and memories with. It gets frustrating especially when your friends around you are getting married and already expecting their first child. Your parents also won't get off your back about finding someone to settle down. Its getting annoying, a little disheartening also.


You are busy with your life and not ready to enter into any serious relationships.  You want to wait till you achieved what you’ve longed for.  However, there is that lingering doubt that maybe age and time will pass you by.


Little did you know there is a not-your-usual matrimonial site called mymatchfinder, where you not only find a suitable partner, but you can become your own wedding planner. From finding the right soulmate, photographer, caterer, dress maker, wedding card maker, that fits your budget, we have it all in the website.


Now here is the best part. mymatchfinder is not like any other matrimonial site in the sense that we don't only make you become your own wedding planner but also a planner for  a perfect birthday for your child. It can be a little headache amidst the busy schedule, so that is why we have all the neccessary contacts to make yours and your child's day special.


The caterers, decorators, photographers and the like that are involved in setting up a perfect wedding can onboard on this platform and see their reach being expanded instantly.  You may have just started the business.  But it does not matter.  mymatchfinder will find you the customer that matches your services.


So sign up to mymatchfinder.in and become a member for life.  A portal that finds you a perfect match.